About Me


My primary goal as a massage therapist is to help to people improve

their overall wellness through touch therapy.

Office Setting

Touch of Light Therapeutic Massage is my private practice in my home. If mobility is an issue, I can set up my table downstairs; my office and massage studio, however, are on the second floor, up a flight of stairs. Directly next to my studio is a bathroom with a Jacuzzi tub, which I encourage clients to use as an add-on to their bodywork session. We do have a dog, so allergens associated with canines are present.

Personal Background

A lifetime around technology led me to a career in tech support. After burning out in that field, I focused my desire to help people fix things through the lens of therapeutic touch. After becoming a certified massage therapist in Virginia, I moved to Hillsboro, Oregon, where I hope to practice massage therapy for many decades to come.


University of South Florida • 1996 • B.A. in Speech Communication
Lotus School of Integrated Professions • 2012 • Massage Therapy program